Our Kloud provides a disaster recovery plan for every aspect of your business data and communications, so that you are prepared for the unexpected. As technology advances there are often stages of high risk, and preparing your company for a disaster is more critical now than ever before. A server or communications outage can cost you your entire business or a costly disruption in operations and productivity. When you plan ahead, the odds of a disaster are minimised and potential downtime is reduced or possibly eliminated. Our Kloud offers a cutting-edge data storage, backup, and recovery plan you can't afford to be without. Let Our Kloud remove the risks and ensure your business continuity into the future.

  • Network Redundancy is how Our Kloud safeguards your voice service by relying on service across several networks.

  • Voice Anywhere is a wireless solution that adds an extra security layer beneath your primary ISDN or PSTN service for instant failover when your primary services are lost.

  • Remote Backup is designed to keep your data safe and secure, with our trusted off-site backup solution. You can count on secure, easily retrieved data anytime.

  • Voice Catch is a way for Our Kloud to route your calls via an alternative network based on our close working relationships with Australian carriers.

At Our Kloud, a dedicated account manager works with you to ensure a disaster recovery solution that is tailored to your business needs. Team up with Our Kloud and be prepared with a disaster recovery solution that can to give you peace of mind protect your business.

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