Our Kloud provides leading-edge system monitoring designed to notify your system administrator in the case of a system outage, unauthorised access, unexpected modifications, or misuse of your network. With real-time network monitoring systems in place, you protect your company and the valuable data that ensures business continuity.
With Our Kloud's network monitoring plan, you have the option of a cloud based solution or managing your on-premise systems internally. In either case, you receive a network monitoring and management plan that identifies internal network problems as well as potential threats from outside sources.


Our Kloud's network monitoring solution will guide you to measure these important activities:

  • Availability of Network Servers

  • Network Response Times

  • Network Uptime

  • System Intruders

  • Systems Reliability

  • Viruses and Security Breaches

Network monitoring is a large task for today's IT, and Our Kloud has the technical knowhow, bandwidth, and solutions to ensure your network security—in the cloud or in an onsite solution.

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