When you are reaching customers across the globe, a hosted video meeting room solution is a must-have for effectively carrying out business. Our Kloud's hosted virtual meeting room solution allows participants to join meetings any time or place, from nearly any device. We combine video, voice, and sharing capabilities for cutting-edge collaboration experiences. Our Kloud's hosted video meeting rooms offer a full-scale suite of collaboration tools and features:

  • Conference and Meeting Scheduler

  • Easy To Create and Launch Meetings

  • Easy To Add Participants

  • Fully Hosted and Managed Service

  • Instant Meetings

  • Scalable Solution for Small or Large Meetings

Our Kloud's hosted video and web conferencing services provide a way for your associates, leads, and customers to seamlessly collaborate in any workplace scenario on any device. Let Our Kloud take your business to new heights with superior business grade hosted video conferencing and meeting rooms.

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