For companies who seek a traditional Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) system for business, Our Kloud offers this solution for private enterprises. This system is suited for small or large organisations that require call centre functionality, a single number that connects multiple internal lines, and multiple line options for staff. Our Kloud establishes your PABX system and you manage it at the level you desire. This traditional PABX system is designed for businesses that serve up to 2,000 users and seek a private cloud option for telecommunications.

Small Business Systems

Designed with your small business in mind, Our Kloud's PABX system is just the right solution for managing up to 250 users. For phone, data systems, and fax connectivity, this solution offers a seamless approach to valuable company communications. With Our Kloud's small business package, you get:

  • Scalable Voice Options

  • Cost-Effective Solution

  • Business Efficiency

  • Seamless Integration

Take your small business to a new level with Our Kloud's PABX system for small businesses.

Call Centre Solutions

Expanding companies often require call centres to manage their internal and external growth. A traditional PABX system is often the first choice for companies where call centres are starting up or expanding. With Our Kloud's PABX system, companies select the right solution to accommodate multi-level calling for internal and external purposes. Whether your call centre is supporting an internal staff only, a large external customer base, or both, Our Kloud has the call centre solutions that suit your business.

  • Internal Calling Options

  • External Calling Options

  • Robust Call Centre Features

  • Expandable Solution

Streamline your call centre with Our Kloud's traditional PABX system and plan for the future growth of your business.

Service & Spare Parks

Our Kloud offers a quality of service that is becoming rare in today's telecommunications infrastructure. Service is our number one priority. We take a customer-first approach in providing immediate response times, quality parts, the latest in technology and new features, and first-class service.

Our Kloud is serious about protecting the environment, offering a parts re-use program in which we turn customers' used parts into something good. Our customers have the option of selecting high-quality new parts or a more cost-conscious alternative in low-cost refurbished spare parts. Our Kloud offers:

  • Superior Service

  • High Quality New Parts

  • Low-Cost Refurbished Spare Parts Alternative

  • Custom Service Level Agreements

When you need high-end service or replacement parts, Our Kloud stands behind a proven track record and countless satisfied customers. Our custom Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are keeping customers happy for the long term.


Our Kloud provides the Voice accessories you need for seamless communications. We offer compatible solutions for phone system integration or any company workplace configuration. Whether your team is on the road, in the office, or working remotely, Our Kloud can equip you with the accessories for state-of-the-art calling.

  • Headsets

  • Hardware

  • Phones

  • Software

  • USB modems

Let Our Kloud take your business to new heights in communications.

Our Kloud can configure a custom voice system and service level agreement to suit your business needs.Let Our Kloud guide you to select the best voice options for a startup or for a seamless telecommunications transition.

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